VIYANI scrubbers are a traditional and well-known 
method for removing fine dust particles from industrial air streams,  
scrubbers and venturis. 
are often installed to remove fine particles from volatile, hazardous or 
corrosive gas streams, or gas streams containing solid materials that 
are difficult to handle.  They have been widely used throughout the 
chemical industry for decades.

  • VIYANI scrubbers collect coarse or fine particulate, 
    including particulate under 1 micron and particulate that is 
    sticky or high in moisture.
  • VIYANI scrubbers with a quench section (evaporative cooler) 
    accommodate high temperature gas streams, including those 
    from casting, sintering, glass  manufacturing,steel melting
  • furnances incineration. 
  • VIYANI systems can be used for applications with high dust loadings.
  • VIYANI scrubbers are suitable for variable gas flows.
  • A mist eliminator module provides entrainment separation.



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