Kitchen exhaust system is made out of stainless steel with stainless steel filters and fresh air system with / galvanized iron / stainless steel, ducting of GI with suitable blower according to requirement. Fresh air system is also accessible. Special Features : This Kitchen Exhaust Systems will suck the hot air from the kitchen and blow it out, with which the kitchen will be neat and clean and the cooks can do their work more efficiently.
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CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLATION : The baffles and frame are made of S.S/G.I. These filters can be easily adapted to any standard type of hood. These must be installed at an angle with the baffles in a vertical direction.
The light weight of the grease filter makes them easy to remove and service. The filters can easily be washed in a solution of warm soapy water. Because these sheds greases rapidly, no expensive hazardous solvents are required.
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