Centrifugal Fans :

These fans are available in different configurations - Double inlet double width, Single inlet single width and Inline duct fans with different impeller blade profiles. 

VIYANI : Built fans from smaller to larger size can be made.
Our Fan design incorporates maximum flexibility, allowing selections at very high efficiency. Centrifugal fans are available in different blade configurations depending on the application, Temperature, Medium of air and dust load.

The different types of blades are:

  • Forward curved
  • My Image Description

    My Image Description

    My Image Description

  • Backward curved
  • Straight Radial
  • Radial tipped
  • Backward inclined
  • Paddle type open impellers
  • Aerofoil
  • Impellers can be offered in different materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, 
    MS FRP lined, MS Rubber lined.


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